Frazer Goldberg, 100 Captained Wins


You may remember Frazer’s story of getting 100 wins as a player: last game of the Sp14 season, 99 wins, 99 loses, several Centurions in attendance, terrible pressure, but he did it. This season Frazer faced similar dramatics as a captain. Frazer has now captained 13 teams, and he began this summer needing to win 10 games before he lost 7 in order to become a Centurion Captain before he became a Mega-Loser Team Leader. This time, the league got the better of him. Nonetheless, Frazer becomes the league’s third 100-win captain. He got there in 202 games, but he finishes this regular season at 103-103. The Phrase has led three teams to the finals so far, but the only one he won, famously, was as a rookie leader.