A Giant Green Behemoth Devours Summer Finals

9 August | MUD Headquarters

Nearly every member of Sean Petterson‘s expertly-drafted, top-seeded Cool Runnings showed up to play and to win on Sunday. And that they did. Cool stomped the three seed Mnemnomn!c by the largest margin in MUD Finals history, 15 to 4, and it was only the second time a finals was decided by 10 points or more. The lopsided championship win was Petterson’s second as a captain and fifth as a member of the league. Petterson has actually led all four teams he has captained to the finals over the past four seasons with, of course, the help of his baggage: Matt Wiener. And of particular note, Kevin Hsu at last found his first finals’ victory after 13 seasons.

Cool Runnings defeated Princess 15 to 8 in the semi-finals. Princess was determined and put up a good fight despite missing some key players. In the quarters, Princess had Pimp My Ride’s number and won 15 to 10.

The other semi-final featured an intense matchup between Mnemnomn!c and 2nd-seeded C.O.W. Those teams, respectively, had come through (6-seeded) Wet Hot Pink American Summer, 15 to 5, and (7 seeded) Stevie Nips, 15 to 9, in the quarters. Mnemnomn!c won the semis 14 to 10. It was the third time Frazer had brought a team to the finals and the first time for his Co-Captain John Sakon.

All through, the season was grand, and we all know why: Commissioner Winston. He’s the only commissioner we know. Luckily, he’s the best. Now everybody play Fall League.

Other Snippets from the Regular season

7 August | MUD Headquarters

From Alex Becker on July 5th “crazy game against Mateo‘s. We were down 4-8 at half…then 12-14…we won 16-14 in the end.”

On July 15th, Becker officially explained that his team’s name C.O.W. stands for “Catch Our Wind,” which he then said was “an inside team thing.” Three days later and fifteen days after he officially received the captain reins, Werblin changed his team’s name to Wet Hot Pink American Summer. He offered no explanation.

On August 6th Pimp defeated C.O.W. (15 to 9), and winning captain Travis credited the victory to “the first time Pimp had a female sub all season.” Becker blamed the loss on the fact that he was “at the docs with a killer migraine 😩.”

WEEKS 1, 2, 3: A Bimodal Beginning

13 July | MUD Headquarters
by Frazer Goldberg

After three weeks, we’ve seen three teams rise majestically like a Hunt Clark backhand huck, and three teams flop like a Dylan Horowitz handblock. Becker, fresh off a Spring league championship, is undefeated after 3 weeks, compiling a 4-0 record against the top competition in the league. Eager to show that he can win without JCal, Becker’s strategy of “draft tall and fast people” has paid off so far.

Nipping at Becker’s heels are Sean‘s Cool Runnings and Sakon and Frazer‘s Mnemnomn!c (mnemonic). Rain kept Sean’s team off the field the entire first week, robbing him of the finals rematch against Becker that traditionally kicks off each MUD season. But it wasn’t all stormy weather, as Cool Runnings is off to a 3-1 start, sledding right past Princess, Pimp My Ride, and Stevie Nips, before getting overturned by Becker’s newly-named C.O.W.

Sakon and Frazer’s 5-1 record evokes memories of their league trick to start last season. Mnemnomn!c’s captains are eager to avenge a first round exit from Spring Playoffs, where most of their team forgot to mention that they couldn’t make finals. A showdown with Cool Runnings with second place on the line looms this weekend.

Dessert is off to a delicious start. After captain Andy had to step aside due to a juicy job offer, captain Andrew stepped up to the plate, leading his team to a 15-12 win over Princess. Dessert’s youth versus C.O.W.’s speed should prove to be a sweet matchup this Sunday.

Bottoming out the league, Stevie Nips, Pimp My Ride, and Princess are all hungry for their first win. Stevie Nips, named after the legendary MUD captain Steve Nicolson, nearly pulled off the upset on Thursday, but lost 16-14 to Mnemnomn!c. Captain DQ hopes to ride that momentum into a pair of wins this Sunday against Princess and C.O.W.

Pimp My Ride and Princess are both vying for their first win this Friday. Will Pimp put on an exhibition, or will Princess save herself? Find out next week!

Summer League 2015 Gets Going

22 June | MUD Headquarters

Rain may be in the forecast for tomorrow, but 161 players are ready to go in this 23rd Competitive MUD season. How ready are you? Let’s discuss. 86 of you have enjoyed the two-week vacation since spring league. 38 have been waiting your whole lives for this moment in this league. And the rest of you have taken between one and twenty seasons off before returning to this fine league. Yes, at last Christine Middleton is back, folks. Regardless of time-removed, we are all pumped to spend our summer with MUD.

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