W1: How To Start a New Diet


Rain may be on the forecast for this weekend, but this season of MUD Summer League is heating up! Competitive league welcomed 6 new captains and a sea of rookies to this mini-season at Thomas Jefferson Park. Week one ended with Jazzerskies in the Dub Dub Club, Miniterranean in the Lub Lub Club, and everyone else in between.

Jazzerskies fought for their first win, starting out down 10-4 before closing out with a universe win to beat Wholesale30. They won their second as well against Slim Fast Count, crediting their wins to the will of the team to be selfless and sub often.

After realizing no one on their team had ever played small-ball before, Miniterranean got off to a slow start, going down 8-4 at one point during the first half. They caught Slim Fast Count taking a siesta and fought to take the lead 12-10. Sadly, the game ended with the Egyptian god of Air, Shu, taking a buzzer beater huck out the back of the endzone and handing the W to Slim Fast Count.

Nothing Tastes as Good as Mini Feels proved that women know how to rock more than a pretty face. MUD Veteran Liz Fritz and Rookie Captain Hope Lorah seemed to get more space than was on the mini-fields on their defenders. Dustin Becker and Rookie Tim McPhillips kept the flow going with chilly throws to cool off the field to get the W over South Beach Nationals.

Wholesale30 found the new mini format to be interesting, but was excited for new friends and customers for their enduring spirit! After overthrowing players in their first game to a loss, they stopped hitting the Joose and started hitting the Juice to come back for a W against Nothing Tastes. They won with a buzzer beating universe-toe-the-line-throw to veteran Miriam Nielsen.

South Beach heard the rumor about quick subbing and faced Miniterranean. Notably, Princeton Rookies Jiwon, Sarah, and Dylan impressed the league with high level throws, decision making, and flow. The play of the week was a huck to the endzone that ended with an almost D by captain Andrew Feierman, but Jordan Sved came down with it after an extreme bobble.

While the Miniterraneans took two losses on the day, Captain Jarrett Workman says you won’t catch them fraternizing with Anubis, the Egyptian God of Funerals. They’re looking to even out their record with victories in Week 2!