W1: Quidditch Cuts Find League of Their Own


In a surprising but tenacious move, the numerous participants cut from Quidditch tryouts on Tuesday the 21st have conjured up an alternative athletic outlet. Deemed “too inexperienced” or “not capable enough [on broomsticks],” these 86 wannabes pooled their powers and, with a flick of their wrists, summoned forth a new and different league. Believe it or not, they’re playing ultimate.

The team from Gryffindor got off to the best start. They put up with Hufflepuff’s badgering, winning 15 to 7, and then they stamped out Slytherin’s smaller sideline, 15 to 10. A week-one trip to the WW Club divines a starry future for Jason Freedman‘s sophomore leadership effort. First-time prefect Emily Marren co-heads the team with Freedman, and so far Gryffindor is red hot.

Ravenclaw’s flock, co-run by eight-time head-boy Sean Petterson and six-time head-girl Josie Pratt, barely lost and then barely won. In the first match, Ravenclaw slipped on Slytherin’s comeback, losing on universe point. However, Ravenclaw fended off Hufflepuff’s late-game surge in their second bout and won, 15 to 13.

Slytherin went 1 and 1, but its a two-headed snake this season: Emily Grad is head of house again for the third time, and she’s joined by Potions Master Emeritus Mateo Mead, who has held 27 administrative roles in the school. We all know EGrad is an ace student, but Prof. Mead has never taken on a co-director. What’s gotten into the old man? Perhaps he drank one of his potions. Or she did? Wouldn’t put it past Slytherin to use any means to achieve their ends.

Hufflepuff licked its wounds at the LL Club, while one of them looked around for the sorcerer’s stone. Hufflepuff has the other sophomore/freshman-captain combination in Christine Thompson and Jacob Anderson. With the dedication of those two, their bound to rebound. Any good Hufflepuff knows it’s better to get your goofs out on the first day.