W2: Hunger Games: Careers vs. Rookies


Jazzerskies continues to dominate this league. Is it love at first bite? Captain Travis Rothbloom notes high attendance and constant subbing and sideline support in the development of their team’s flow.

Jazz brought out a close W against Nothing Tastes as Good as Mini Feels with Rookie Audrey Goldfarb open on every whim. Nothing keeps the chub lub lub club away like the defense of Sara Toguchi, Brad Hess, and Romer Brito. Rookie Octavio Bruetman sacrificed his body with promise of a stingy shower to get a game saving layout D against Tastes.

Miniterranean, hoping to redeem themselves fought back a huge point deficit in their first game against Wholesale30, but to no avail! Whole’s Rookie Cap’n Alec Orgera made a veteran move and called a well placed TO to chill out Whole and pull out the win +4.

SlimFastCount joined Mini in the LubLub Club. Zach “Apple Chips” Mills fought hard against Beach, racking up layout-D’s and tossing his cookies. Rookie Zoe Aarons has hands for days, catching some tough throws to keep Slim in it. After losing to Beach by a wide margin, Matt Benjamin HYPED FastCount into a slimmer point deficit, but they weren’t able to get Nothing against Tastes.

Rookies continue to dominate the field for Beach. Wholesale30 fought point for point with South Beach. Cameroon Westerberry proved a most reliable handler with “pinpoint precision throws into unguardable sections of the endzone,” noted opposing captain Josie Pratt. Beach’s women pulled out all the stops, including a Callahan for Sarah Zhou. The close game was nearing an end when Whole threw too deep, but Beach turned. It was high tension as Whole worked it back down the field, clock ticking. The end came with a buzzer beater stall out for Sharon Chiu on Josie to win the game 20-19. Looks like they’re on the road to Nationals, but they’re facing off against undefeated Jazz next week.

Stay cool out there, I hear ice water helps your metabolism.