W2: Short Games Transfigure Leaderboard


On Sunday, the league headmasters opened the chamber of secrets and found a basilisk had eaten the bottom half of the permit! Not really. B-teams for Quidditch–a real sport–had practice on the fields at 3pm, so our games had to be shortened.

This meant Ravenclaw, who so far has started their games strong and then let teams back in, had a tactical advantage. Sure enough, both Gryffindor and Slytherin, respectively, battled back to within one against Ravenclaw. But then the bell rang, and Ravenclaw went and drank all the butter beer at the WW Club. They also celebrated the first league trick of the season, though those are reasonably-priced in this skinny spring. Ravenclaw is now in first place.

Hufflepuff upgraded their Club experience in week two, bouncing back and evening their record. They dug a massive hole in their first game against Slytherin, and buried the snake in it. After Slytherin broke to start the game, Hufflepuff scored the next nine. They won it 14 to 9. Hufflepuff may have found a motto in “hard work, team work” as they applied both in their second game to hold out against Gryffindor. The badgers kept wiz-kid John Best bottled up, and fired-up their own new guy Dean Romine. The result was 12 to 11.

Gryffindor took the wrong set of stairs this weekend and ended up at the LL Club. Slytherin was there practicing dark arts in the corner. It seems one of the snakes thought they could reverse the league-licking curse. Fat chance. Those two teams play each other first thing this coming Sunday. Let’s hope they both drafted a Herbology prodigy because the losers are going to need to apply ointment.