Field Directions

Central Park North Meadow – (CPN)

Fall Mixed Rec and Open play on these grass fields at Central Park’s North Meadow. The closest subway lines are the B or C (at 96th St on the west side of the park) or the 6 (at 96th St on the east side of the park).

Map of Central Park North Meadow

Van Cortlandt Park – (VCP)

Fall Mixed Comp plays on this grass field at Van Cortlandt’s Parade Grounds. The best way to get here is to take the 1 train all the way to the north-bound end. You then have to walk further north to the giant field.

Map of Van Cortlandt

Field Map of VCP Parade Grounds

Governors Island – (GOV)

Due to a large sports event at VCP on October 13th, Mixed Comp will be taking a one-day field trip to Governors Island! You must take a pedestrian ferry to get to the island: either the Governors Island Ferry from the Battery Maritime Building (10 South Street) or the NYC Ferry weekend shuttle from Pier 11 (near Wall Street). GI Ferry to the island costs $3 normally or free before 12PM on weekends (leaving the island is free). NYC Ferry to the island costs $2.75, although transfers from another NYC Ferry line are free.

Both Battery Maritime Building and Pier 11 can be reached from trains on the 1/2/3, 4/5, or R lines. Pier 11 can also be reached directly by all NYC Ferry lines. Be aware that like the subway & bus systems, there may be service changes to either ferry, so be sure to check the Governors Island Ferry Info page or the NYC Ferry Real-Time Schedule for last-minute changes.

Once you are on the island, you will find our grass field on the southwest side of the island. Note that the GI Ferry will drop you off on the north side of the island and the NYC Ferry will drop you off on the southeast side, which is why there are 2 recommended walking paths on the map below.

Map of Governors Island

Firefighters Field – (FFR)

Playoff Summer Comp games will be played on this grass field on Roosevelt Island. The closest subway is the F Train (Roosevelt Island Station). Alternate transit available via the Roosevelt Island Tramway.

Map of Firefighters Field

Thomas Jefferson Park – (TJP)

We play WEEKDAY games on this turf field in East Harlem, at 1st Ave & 114th St. The closest subway is the 6-Train (110th street or 116th street).

Map of Thomas Jefferson Park

Riverbank State Park – (RBK)

We play SUNDAY mornings on this turf football field in the middle of Riverbank State Park. The park is between 138th Street and 145th Street and it sits above a treatment plant on the Hudson River. The best way to get here is to take the 1 train to 137th St. or 145th St. and then walk to one of the two foot bridges over the highway, which put you into the park at either the south or north end. If you walk toward the park on 138th St., you’ll have to walk up stairs to get back up to the park entrance.

Map of Riverbank

Riverside Park – (RIV)

We play WEEKDAY and WEEKEND games at the southern end of Riverside Park. The closest subway is the 1,2,3-Trains (72nd street), slightly further are the B,C-Trains (72nd street). Walk west from those stations towards the river, go into the park and through a tunnel. Go down the stairs, take a left (go south) and walk along the river. There should be a fenced-off field immediately to your left. ONLY TURF SHOES or SNEAKERS are allowed on this field. You can see examples of acceptable/unacceptable turf shoes here.

Map of Riverside

East River Park – (ERP)

We play WEDNESDAY games on this turf field on the Lower East Side. The best way to get here is to take the M14D bus. You can also take the L to 1st Ave, the F,V to 2nd Ave, or F,J,M,Z to Essex/Delancey Street, but its a bit of a hike. There is an overpass a bit south of E 6th Street that will take you over the FDR drive and to the field.

Map of East River

Randall’s Island – (RAN)

Location of early Spring Comp games and Finals. Our schedule page usually lists RAN-1, RAN-2, RAN-3, or RAN-4; to be clear, these do not correspond to the actual field numbers but to the playing areas we designate on the fields we use (for example: our RAN-1 and RAN-2 might be the two halves of Randall’s Island Field 85). When we play at Randall’s your captains or the league will notify you of the official field numbers we will be using that week. As a general rule, most of these fields we use are on the southern tip. Note that there is no train directly to Randall’s. The M35 bus (on 124th St.) or the pedestrian bridge (at the eastern most point of 103rd street) will get you there from Manhattan.

Map of Randalls

Inwood Park – (INW)

We play WEEKEND games at Inwood Park. It is on the northernmost tip of Manhattan, on the Northeast side of Inwood Hill Park (near Columbia University–Baker Field). The closest subways are the 1-Train (215th Street) and the A-Train (Inwood-207th Street, the final stop). If you’re coming from the Upper East Side, the BXM1 express bus drops off right at 207th and Broadway, and can be faster than taking a cross-town bus and tranferring. This is a grass soccer-football field west of the softball fields and adjacent to W. 215 Street and Indian Road. If you’re coming here on a weekend, please consult the MTA website for updates on subway and bus schedules.

Map of Inwood