The Centurion Candidate

Scandal has besieged the league. Faintly, but by no means silently, Andy Eklund is knocking on the door to the Centurions' Club. He, like the eight candidates profiled in the previous post, has a chance to gain entrance to MUD's milestone club of 100-game winners. But how close is Andy? That all depends on how you interpret Summer 2015.

As is well known, in summer of 2015 Andy accepted the stewardship of a team drafted by Commissioner Suntaree. He named the team Dessert, and won his first game. After losing the second, Andy abdicated the captain hat to A. Werblin and deserted Dessert and the league for "a job offer irresponsible to turn down." His vacated roster spot was filled four days later.

Dessert went on to be Wet Hot Pink American Summer which went on to finish the season 5-9. These five wins and nine losses are currently part of Andy Eklund's MUD record. The five wins mean Andy currently has 91 wins.

Without Wet Hot Pink's record, Andy would be at 86 wins and, like Kelsey Brooks, would need to win all but one of his remaining games with his team, MTA, to get 100 wins. And if he accomplished that, it would end Kelsey's bid and likely disturb the other seven candidates. No shame: comp league.

So what do we think? He's got a chance either way: slim and slimmer, but there. Vote here.

Sp16 Centurion Watch

It's early Spring of 2016 and we're poised to induct the largest class of Centurions ever in one season. In the Spring of 2013, 9 players became centurions. This season we've got 11 eligible.

Whoops! Cancel that. It's week three now, and, at best, we'll be one behind the record.* Good night Zukoff and Kramer, and hopefully not, but probably Brooks.

Let's break it down.

Travis Rothbloom, captain of the finely-drafted MTA and answer to several unpropitious MUD trivia questions, leads our list with 99 wins. He's in his 14th season and 6th as a captain. One more win with the Transit Authority and he's first ballot. How about Sunday?

Steven Carpenter has a chance at massive glory. He's just starting his 10th season (only one of them a losing season), and he's got 97 wins. If Steve (also with MTA) wins 3 out of the next 12, he'll be the fastest to 100 in MUD history (154). MTA has 15 games remaining; blow it out of the water, Carpenter.

Kevin Hsu sits at 94 wins. He's is a namesake of his 14th MUD team, and Wooloohooshoo has 14 games left. Interestingly, even if Woohoo plays the rest of this season at Kevin's disreputable win percentage, ol' Baywatch will exactly get to 100 by the season's end. Considering that he waited 13 seasons for his first finals' victory, the 21 in-league Centurions believe the candidate is a shoo-in for this season.

Philip Vlahakis is also at 94 wins. His team The Rejects can fill Phil up with 14 games remaining. Vlahakis has used his current captain for 80% of his wins so far. Seems like a pretty good bet he'll get there in this, his 12th season.

Benjamin Graf plans to walk all the way to 100 wins this spring. At 93, he needs to win the majority of The Chosen One's remaining 13 games. In his 11th season, Big Ben can still rely on his arm to steer his way to a gold jacket. Some say he's in a covenant with the Centurions.

Karina Ray has a shot at Steve Carpenter's glory. Ms. Ray spent her first captaining gig winning finals (last season); perhaps she can lead her sophomore effort with The Chosen Ones to this personal excellence. Ray has 92 wins and needs to win 8 of the next 11 to get there fastest (assuming Carpenter slows way down). Also in her 10th season, Karina has beaten Carpenter once this season and will have a chance to stall him again this Sunday. But she and her co-captain need to quit these 1-1 weekends.

Alex Becker still has a decent shot, but he's the last of the likelys. He's at 91 wins with 16 games to play. He and his co-captain need to fire up the BBQ and get cooking this season. Becker's win percentage is 53%. That won't cut it for 9 of 16 more games. But the man has been a first round pick in all 12 seasons he's played. So let's see it, Alex.

It's gonna be quite a trick for Kelsey Brooks (87) to pull it off this season, her 14th. She needs her team, Woohoo, to win all but one of its remaining 14 games. The good news is that six of Kelsey's teammates, including both of her captains, have been on teams that have put together the sort of record Kelsey needs (I Barely Know Her and Toast). The better news is that even if Kelsey gets all her wins, all of the above can still become Centurions.

That's right the 100 Club are rooting for every team except JAWS this season. But that's ok, the big shark's got three big sharks already: their captain, the league founder, and MUD's own dramatis personae whose also got two finals and one finale under her press badge.

*There's a small controversy concerning a possible ninth Centurion this season. A separate, participatory post will discuss that individual's circumstance.

Comp League Turns 25, Begins its Spring March
MUD is about to start flying. And for the first time in 25 seasons, we’re cleating up in March. Can you believe this is actually happening? Wake. Up. Hibernation is over you big bear. Ultimate is back. Teams are drafted, and we roll into this elongated spring season this Sunday: Randall’s Island.
DiscNY Is offering a Summer League!
From Julie Sussman on behalf of DiscNY: Ladies!! DiscNY is super excited to announce that they will be offering a...
SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! It BEGINS. Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.10.58 PM
SPWK3 Emotions vs. The Dictators

We welcome MUD Poet Laureate Mark DQ

The Dictators' Emotions: The Ballad of the Game of the Week

Twas a blustery day on the fourth of May, when two teams came down to the river to play a game for the ages, or at least of the week, from which only one team would extend its win streak[1].

In came Emotions, their last three they had won, one loss on their record, not quite per-fec-tion. The Dictators were there to answer their glare, with zone D aplenty and hucks thrown with great care.

Wiener to Graf, started the first half. Then Maya to Phil, caused an emotional laugh. Emotions had scored two, the Dictators still none, until Shoemaker strode deep and hauled in a long one[2].

Schaffenberger's big D, stopped Emotions' surge for three, the Cobbler[3] then scored from the lefty Josh Z. Push pass to Thompson from the one they call Harinthon, Nielsen with a big sky[4], and then Nielsen to Griffin.

Sami's huge defense led to Dictator's offense[5], When H then hit Maggie, to up the suspense[6]. Eklund to Harper, answered by Keith to Christine, Emotions back within one, nose to nose are these teams!

The play of the game of the game of the week, came from Sami's high release break which looked real freakin' sleek[7]. Emotions showed emotions, needing to call a timeout, down by two at this point, their faces did pout.

Eric then scored, coming out of the brief pause, bringing close to the half like he was Santa Claus[8]. Oh the mighty Emotions, down by three at game's middle, gathered quick to discuss how to solve the Dictator's riddle.

The second act began, with a tough foul call, sending back Collier's dump D on a very high stall[9]. Sami to the Cobbler followed by H to Ben Graf, is how the first scores went in the next half.

10-6, 11-6, then 11-7, 12-7 12-8 to 13-8, and then Emotions seemed deadened. But Emotions don't die, they always fight back, the next two they did score, on their comeback attack[10].

Up five at one point, but now within three, could the Dictators quell this Emotional spree? The Dictators next score brought their lead up to four, how could Emotions come back with anything more?

The wind was a-swirlin', as the victory banner began unfurlin', but "Wait!" cried Mateo, his eyebrows a-furrowin', 14-10 was the score, the game not quite over, so he dispatched his top line like NASA dispatched the Mars rover[11].

Cap'n Mead brings one in[12], and so does Harinthon[13], But what kind of answer do they have for Griffin? No answer we know of, or at least that was seen, as Brianna scores again, she's a scoring machine[14]!

By the side of the river, at the park called Riverside, one team left quite sullen while the other smiled wide. What lesson was learned, in the defeat of Emotion? That the Dictators will fight with relentless devotion.

[1] Not really, though.  The Dictators came into this game on a one game losing streak. [2] Assisted by Andrew Eklund [3] Shoemaker's unofficial nickname.  Credit to Christian Gaffney, I think. [4] Hsu to Neilsen to Schaffenberger. [5]Harper to Benel. [6] Dictators lead 5-4. [7] Sami to Valdez. [8] 8-5 Dictators at half. [9] Foul call on the mark. [10] Notes from the second half are tough to read, they got soaked on the author's bike ride home.  These eight scores include a Munson catch in the end zone, a sweet Shen layout score, Graf throwing it to someone, a Hsu score, and four other indecipherable/unmemorable scores. [11] [12] Assisted by Keith. [13] Assisted by Graf.  Gorgeous put. [14] Assisted by Zukoff.


Every season features new captains. This Spring, Gabe Finkelstein, and Jake Walkup are 2 of MUD’s freshest. You might remember Gabe and Jake from such teams as The Funeral, Toast, and Social Studies. This season, they captain Alphabet Soup. For our first installment of Game of the Week, we visited East River Park to see Alphabet Soup take on Emotions, captained by Mateo Mead, former captain of such teams as The Funeral, Toast, and Social Studies. Thats right, the students take on the teacher, in a plot line ripped the Fall 2013 season.

As players were throwing on the carpet, and others were just arriving, Finkelstein assured, Wilson Chen that, “You can throw as many hammers as you want, because I’m not going to be one of those captains” Time will only tell Gabe.

Mateo and Gabe flip, Gabe wins, and elects to pull. Theres a strong wind crossing the field, as is often the case here at East River Park. Mateo will start at the north end of the field and the game will begin promptly at 6:29. Activity on the track this evening includes elementary school kids having track practice. Sunset is scheduled for 7:44.

Alpha pulls, and plays zone to start. Benjamin Graf throws a big floating force side back hand to find Mateo yards shy of the end zone. The Alpha zone has been beaten, Mateo throws a dishy little thing to Michael Albanese, and its 1-0 Emotions on top. Emotions pull from the south, they play a zone D, the swing throw goes off to Alphabet's Cat Rice, who cant reach the swing, and its a quick turn. Emotions Disc, swing to Maya Perry, scoring throw to Paul Robustelli, and its 2-0 Emotions are taking over. The Emo pull lands short of the south endzone, Dan Bolivar picks up, the Emotions cup forms around the Alpha handlers, Josh Kent is to Dan’s break side. Dan Bolivar doesn’t need any help. DB guides the offense straight up field, ending the point on a 30 yd throw to Peter Horton. 2-1 Alpha is catching up. The pull lands on the far side line, with Alpha’s zone setting up, and an unforced error leads to the turn, Alpha scores quick, 2-2.

Centurion, Keith Piaseczny has arrived to shore up this Emotions offense. Maggie Mead receives the pull, and its’ Maggie, Keith and Ben anchoring the back field, the disc goes to Keith to Ben, to Maggie to Mateo, back to Maggie, then back to Mateo, somewhere in that passing Alpha switched to man, Mateo with the disc, on the near sideline, marked by Gabe, throws to Phil Vlahakis, and Emotions are back on top, 3-2. Katherine Cole picks up the pull, and pushes the disc up field to Josh Kent, who throws to Cat Rice, through the cup, but Allie Wassel is there with the Layout D from the short deep. Emotions Disc, Mateo throws a dying forehand. Turnover. Kent picks up, throws to Pete, and it’s off the tips of his fingers. Keith picks up, bladey dangerous veteran forehand, Mateo pulls it down. 4-2 Emotions pulling away. Cat Rice with an assist to Tom Kucera for the score, 4-3. Next point, Emo turns over at half field, Bolivar picks up, throws, disc sails out of bounds, Keith picks up for Emo, swing throw to Maya, who just cant get there. Bolivar goes for the quick strike kill, Mateo says no, posterizes Gabe for the D. Emotions swell up the field, Mateo takes over, score. 5-3 Emotions hold strong. Emo’s new D strategy is man. They believe they are better athletes, than Alphabet Soup, but this Soup seems a bit runny. Pete with the disc throws to Wilson Chen, short of the endzone, throw to Bolivar in the endzone, but he cant hold on. Emo quickly turns at midfield, DB big backhand that doesn’t look like it will be caught, but Pete, reads and comes down with the swilly throw. Quick throw to Ethan Grund and it’s 5-4.

“Take me out coach too many bad throws,” pleads Bolivar to the sideline, this guy needs a few points off.

Alpha Scores off a quick turn, and its tied at 5-5. Alpha’s pull falls near the goal line. Their zone defense sets up quickly, but is soon permeated by a core of familiar Emo handlers  Maggie, Ben and Keith. Advancing down field, Emotions turn at the end-zone. Mark Popinchalk picks up the disc throws big, but the wind carries it over the far sideline just past midfield. Alpha sets their zone defense, Pete, playing in the top of the cup, pulls down a D for Alpha. A quick big throw to Mark who pulls down the disc to redeem his turnover. Alpha scores 5-6. For the first time, Alphabet Soup has the lead.

Pulling, Alphabet brings the famous Weseleyan Zone defense, Emo works to turn down field, Alphabet Soup quickly drops. Keith with the disc, looks down field, waits showing forehand, sees Mateo with a step on his defender, throws the forehand, it bends, it will hit the front corner of the north end zone, but Mateo can't reach, the disc hits the ground. Dan Bolivar picks up force side throw to Jake who throws to Ethan, then up line to Tom, and Mike, Emotions run the disc around their end zone, but cant find any upfield traction, but they could play this game all night. Alphabet Soup finds a D, but Peter goes down in injury, looks like his right shoulder more info as it becomes available. Peter is helped to the sideline bleachers, Gabe subs in for his injured teammate. Quick Alpha score DB to Ethan, 5-7. Alphabet Soup pulls to half field, unforced error leads to Emotional turn over. Upfield throw, Mateo gets a hand on a pass to Tom, Emo disc. Soon after Emo scores. 6-7. Alpha takes half on a score by Abby Murray.

Halftime. 6-8 Alphabet Soup on top.

Emotions are talking about going to the disc, and the need to dictate through their offense what happens on the field. They’ve lost some intensity, but this is all very moving stuff.

Alphabet Soup is going to keep using their zone defense. It’s gotten them this far, a come from behind 2 point lead, it will take them the rest of the way.

The first possession out of half time featured Cat Rice picking up some trash throws once at midfield and again in the end zone. Giving Alphabet Soup a lead they would hold, and grow for the rest of the game, as Emotions seemed to have a fit in the rain and cold. Notable plays for Emotions by Jaime 'Spoon' Lawler, but they're not enough.

Final thoughts on an early season game. This was a cool windy night. Emotions broke out to an early lead, but could only look on as Alphabet Soup made quick scores after turn overs, puzzling Emotions. Alphabet Soup was able to make big throws on the arms of Kent and Dan Bolivar. Bolivar was able to recognize open space and get there before his defender. Emotions weren’t able to contain him. Though Emotions were able to stop a great deal of up field movement, Dan was always able to reset to Katherine Cole, or Josh Kent. Gabe Finkelstein was pleased to implement his Wesleyan zone, ‘minnows and sharks’ he whispered to himself as he stalked the sidelines.

As for Emotions. Mateo was his most effective/consistent player. While Alphabet Soup might have found energy in the wind and cold, Emotions were drained by it, their drops and reluctance to make plays increased as the evening drew on. Fortunately for these Emotions, warm weather is here.



The teams are drafted, the schedule is set. Game of the Week returns.

Check in here for an account of all the throws, bids and sideline banter of each weeks’ featured game.

As always, see you on the field.

SMW1: Toast vs. LazerEggs
Summer League is here. Friendships and rivalries are renewed. If you were on Christian's team for the Spring season and find yourself on Frazer's team for the summer, look no further than those drops and throwaways during the playoffs. Perhaps after 7 MUD seasons you've drifted from one captain to another, fearing that you may some day land on a Alex Schneider's team, always hoping on draft day you’ll find your way to Mateo’s team, on which you're sure to win some games and have fun giggling over his witticisms. Unfortunately, once again you’re on the new captain’s team, and you worry the season may be spent languishing in loss after loss while he figures out how to set up a Doodle. While it's tempting to believe that your team is a reflection of your captain and your team's fate is sealed on draft day, it's not true: teams are greater than the sum of their parts, but whatever. Summer is here, and you are where you are, get out your trick throws; bring on the swagger. If you've been talking up your game since Johnny Broadcast graced the pages of this website; now is the time. Show us what you've got.

Our first hightlight matchup takes us to East River Park where LazerEggs take on Toast. Mateo Mead captains Toast, his ambition to dominate the league is obvious, though not as overt as season’s past, his roster is highlighted by Jordan Rosefigura, John Sakon, and Jon Read. While Alex Schneider and K-Cole, seem bent on returning to the top of the league after last season’s embarrassing showing. They’ve drafted a team with more than one capable handler. Josh Kent returns to their service, hopefully more often, Chris Nelson, Scott ‘Shaqfu’ Knackmuhs, and Chris Ward round out the back field for this squad. On this Wednesday evening, the numbers were light. Toast had 1 woman present at the time of the pull, Rosefigura, while Casey Markenson was the singular woman for LazerEggs.

While some locals did push-ups in the back of the endzone, teams cheered, the sky grew dark, and rain was forecasted post game. On the first point Mateo throws a slow forehand to Jon Read, who catches for a score against Josh Kent, 1-0. Toast neglects to play defense until 2/3rds field when Evan Simon throws it away. Toast walks it up for a score 2-0. Chris Ward, disgusted, takes the field. Halfway down the field, Toast looks to capitalize on another drop and Sakon makes the upline move. Score, 3-0 Toast. Jon Read checks in that his lungs are ready, and takes the field for Mateo. With the arrival of Abby Murray, a second Lazer woman, Schneider has a gender imbalance in his favor, they’ll play a 5-2 line, while Toast can only field 5-1. Mateo looks longingly to the field gates. Maggie Mead, where are you? Toast’s junk defense, meets LazerEggs as Kent puts the big backhand to Schneider for the score. 3-1. On offense, Toast looks to strike back quickly. Sakon big forehand. Jon Read can't get there. “Almost beautiful placement,” says Mark DQ, dismissing the effort from the sidelines. Kent makes another big throw, and after a quick assist, score is 3-2. Maggie Mead where are you? Toast looks deep to Jordan who drops what should have been a two hand score. Toast turnover. Lazer turnover. Toast has a hard time with the lane poach, but Lazer can't hold force. Toast throws wherever they want, which leads to a throw to nobody. No worries though because Lazer turns over in their end zone. Toast has the disc and Francis Giknis lays out, but can't get there, and we are in a grind out point of drops. After some handler work the Schaffenberger hammers to Markenson for the score, 3-3. And we are all tied up.

Maggie Mead strolls in. Toast calls time out.

After the time out, Toast turn over. Josh Kent picks up, crowd goes wild. Lazer score, 3-4. Lazer gains the lead for the first time. Another forgettable Toast turnover. Chris Nelson to Mark DQ for a score, 3-5. Josie Pratt is here, giving the Lazer women a much needed sub.

LazerEggs calls timeout. Mateo encourages his team to learn each other's names.

Toast, with the disc, quick turnover. Lazer works it for a bit, before the throw away. Toast pushes up forehand sideline for the score, 4-5. Lazer still holds the lead.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 7:04 pm and Orion Burt has arrived! Captain Schneider gets dishy and throws it right to Mateo. DQ sky D. Mateo Ds a Schafenberger backhand. Toast turnover and this point is too long. Scott Asher D over DQ, and Toast works to a Mateo-Read score, 5-5 tied again. Next point, Lazer turnover. Toast works to the endzone. Chris Ward likes the Sakon hammer to nowhere, and its Lazer disc. Josh Kent’s scoober is off target.

Toast works it up against a forehand force man defense. At the goal line, mere feet from the force sideline, Maggie Mead throws a bender forehand. The disc arches to the breakside cone, Sakon reads the disc, Chris Nelson is on D; it’s a difficult catch made no easier by the blady throw. It’s the kind of throw you can catch at only one point: the kind of throw that says desperation: the kind of throw that leaves Maggie’s dump option, exclaiming, “I’m right here!:” the kind of throw you only see in Summer League. Sakon goes up, his defender locks step with him. No catch, the disc falls to the ground. Sakon calls foul.

The sideline grumbles/gripes and the disc goes back to Maggie. After some handler action, the disc moves to the break side, Francis scores for Toast after a confusing set of throw, 6-5 Toast. The players are hot and tired. Nate Sany arrives to relieve the Lazer men. Lazer moves the disc up field; Orion Burt gets whatever he wants. Jordan, who finds herself in front of the disc in the end zone, gets a D for Toast. Toast methodically goes upfield for the score, 7-5. Chris Ward to Nate Sany for a Lazer score after a drought, 7-6. The Eggs look to lengthen this half. Quick Toast throwaway. Sany is tall. Score is tied, 7-7. Tall guy Sany gets a D on a Maggie Mead bender, and Lazer moves up field. Turnover. Toast disc, Maggie redeems herself with a flat throw to space for Jordan to run down. Toast takes half 8-7.

To start the second half, Toast brings a zone defense. Sakon lays out on the carpet, gets a rug burn and the D. Asher throws a hammer. Sakon goes up for the catch. Drop. Foul. Contest. Nelson signals “that’s two.” Toast scores, 9-7. Toast brings the zone and holds all the way to the end zone as Lazer makes all the throws and catches, 9-8. Quick Toast throwaway. DQ hammer D’d by Sakon. Toast throwaway. Schneider to Sany for score. At 7:40pm the score is 9-9. This game will end at 8pm. Jordan catches a Jon Read throw between her legs and dishes to Josh Zukoff who throws it away. Lazer picks up. Orion scores, 9-10. Mateo hucks to Nate Mandel, 10-10. Lazer turnover. Sakon makes a big throw that’s D'd by Sany. Kent makes a big throw that’s D'd by Mandel. Toast plays keep away in their end zone, eventually finding their way out to half field where Sakon puts up the OI forehand to the end zone for the score, 11-10 Toast. Schaffenberger to Sany up the forehand sideline. Mateo has position, stands his ground and Nate Sany’s arms aren’t long enough. The veteran captain gets a D on one of the league’s younger players. Toast works up to midfield turnover. LazerEggs ten yards out, dump swing, Abby with the assist for the score, 11-11. Toast throws to Mandel who is D'd by taller Sany. Lazer doesn’t possess the disc for long before Sakon gets the run thru D and Toast scores again, 12-11. Nelson throws it away at the goal line. Asher throws it away, and Toast misses an opportunity. Schneider steps in on an injury call, activates his offense, and Nelson scores. At 7:56 the score is tied at 12-12. The league’s permit expires at 8:00, so the captains agree universe point. Kent takes the field for a rare appearance on defense. Schneider steps off. Toast does what they want to half field. Soccer Ball on field. Sany guards Asher who is hanging out deep. Suddenly Asher takes the in cut, Sany follows. And Sakon gets away from DQ, who perhaps thought Sany had the deep poach. Jon Read flicks it easy to wide open Sakon and wins it for Toast, 13-12. The rabid East River Park Soccer players take the field, and the night is over.

This was a tight game all the way through. While LazerEggs and Toast both had the lead at times, neither team was able to create back to back breaks to put the game away. Eventually Toast won on universe point forced by time. If asterisks can be placed to the Summer League records, this game deserves one, as it effectively ended in a tie. Neither team had an advantage, and due to time/permitting constraints, the game came to a premature end. The lesson here, getting to the fields on time can be the only advantage you need.

SpW5: Chicken vs. Pillow

Week Five – Thursday – Riverside

Pillow Talk and Chicken and Waffles enter Thursday's tilt at the bottom of the MUD Standings. Chicken & Waffles are 2-10 while Pillow once the league darlings, find themselves at 4-7. These are certainly difficult times. Pillow Talk enters on a 5 game downward spiral, Chicken & Waffles look to avoid one. Each team needs a momentum shift.

Marquee Matchups: Phil Hospod vs. Eric Shoemaker and Phil Yates vs. Jerald Isseks and/or Jon Read were the matchups of the game. Chicken & Waffles's Andrew Segoshi and captain Alex Schneider also had good games, but almost no one on CW could match up with Pillow’s Nate Mandel, Sara Cornish and captain Jake Hall.

First half: Sam Linton to captain Schneider with a sweet toe-the-line grab over Shaq Fu, 1-0 C&W. Cornish puts into the sky for Dan Nelson over Yates, 1-1. Mark Chen throws the game’s first turnover to Schneider or Hospod (neither can get to it). Segoshi gets the D back for CW. Maor Ben-Gur finds Chen with a lefty break, 2-1 C&W. Captain Hall to Zeb Hermann ties it at 2-2. Therese Zosel-Harper drops it, but then Hermann drops it. Hospod tries a hammer that sails too far. Schneider then gets a poach D in the lane, and Yates finds Hospod for the Phil connection, 3-2 C&W. Next point, Segoshi has a huge dive in the dirt for a dump D but he misses. Nelson throws a weird one up to Hall, 3-3. Hunt Clark is on the sideline discussing new centurion Bob Suvanich’s long career in MUD, and at the mention of one of Bob’s former, "bad" teams, captain Alex perks up and defensively asks "you talking about me?" Last place is a paranoid burden. In the game, Pillow Talk gets a break as captain Jon Read finds Nelson, 3-4 Pillow. Mandel gets a dump D on Ben-Gur’s throw and then shoots it to Read to go up another break, 3-5. Schneider gets a pretty throw to Yates but he can’t stay in-bounds. Hall then hucks it out of bounds. Chen finds Zosel-Harper despite Pillow Talk’s sudden backhand force, 4-5. Hunt trusts his captain’s baggage, launching one deep to Cornish who gets a monster sky over a well-positioned captain Katherine Cole, 4-6. With the backhand force favoring his lefty flick, Ben-Gur easily gets it to Casey Markenson, 5-6. Hunt misses Ariella Rosen on the next position, and Chen puts a sweet huck to Sam Linton. Linton finds Zosel-Harper to tie the game, 6-6. Hall shows off a nifty OI shot to Hermann who brings it down over Schneider, 6-7. Cole drops it. Hunt throws it away, but then he gets what should have been a callahan on the dump D. He squeezes one into Bryn Tulip amid Linton laying out, 6-8.

Halftime: Before the half Pillow’s Zach Wasser showed up without shorts. He subbed in having borrowed Josh Schaffner’s. Eventually Zeb Hermann offered his to Wasser, and Zach chose Zeb’s in order to be wearing all red. Schaffner gets his clothes back while Hermann played the remainder of the game in steel-grey boxer-briefs. Schneider reminded his team that they’re still in this and it was recently tied.

Second Half: Newly splendid in red, Wasser throws it away. Jared Lenow does the same. Hermann, feeling cheeky, puts up an amazingly bad huck. Nelson Ds Schneider’s throw. Abby Murray, who showed up at the half and added yet another woman to C&W’s line, gets the D with her back. Murray then drops a score after Rosen makes a D bid. Cornish can’t resist an up-the-line cut from Wasser, but neither can Nelson and the two fellas collide as the disc hits the ground. Murray can’t quite get to a throw on the line. Hermann has a hot IO break to Mandel. Cornish throws it away up-the-line again. Mandel gets a poach D, feeds it to Hermann and takes off. Hermann puts up a chancy, bladey huck to Shaq Fu? No it’s to Mandel, 6-9 Pillow. Jake Hall screams “Bookends, baby!” Segoshi asks, “That was only the first point after half?” Yes. Second point: Schaffner and Cornish sandwich Mark Chen to D a Schneider huck. Then Pillow turns it. Ben-Gur gets stuck on the line and confuses the protocol for a high stall punt when you also have a wide open swing, sending the swing way over Chen’s head. Hunt throws it away. Alex finds Nora Sheridan, 7-9. Yates yells “Yeah Chick Wafs!” Jerald Isseks boosts it to Cornish, 7-10. Schneider throws it away. Hall jumps about 20 feet in the air to catch his team’s swill, lands, and guns a hammer to Danny Nelson, 7-11, play of the game. Mandel sees a huck on the next possession, leaves his man, runs about 30 yards and gets the D. Tulip hucks it to Nelson, 7-12. Segoshi finds Hospod, 8-12. Mandel turfs it. Chicken gets it to the line and then Ben-Gur throws it away. Yates wonders, “have we ever scored when we’ve been on the end line?” The scale of his “ever” is unclear. Shoemaker almost brings down a nasty score sky over Hospod, but then he gets a nasty D sky on the other end. Hermann throws it away. Zosel-Harper can’t hold on. Mandel gets it to Shaq Fu, 8-13. KCole gets tired of this nonsense and finds Lenow who pulls it in as Tulip bids, 9-13. After Cornish’s throwaway, KCole hucks it flat and far to Segoshi who skies Tulip, 10-13. Looking like Chicken is on a run, Chen Ds a Hermann huck to Cornish. Or was it to Schaffner? But then Murray drops it. Wasser puts a pretty one to Cornish deep, but it clangs off her hands. Hospod hucks it too far. Pillow gives it right back. Hospod misses Chen this time. Isseks puts up a baby huck to Cornish, but Markenson has her boxed out. Cornish calls a foul! Contest! Back to Isseks who this time gets off a money break to Mandel, 10-14. Pillow causes another turn and Hermann looks at Mandel in traffic. What kind of country is Montana? Over Yates and Schneider. Game Pillow, 10-15.

HERE'S WHAT MATEO DON’T GET: Though Chicken & Waffles could match up evenly against plenty of Pillow Talkers, they didn't seem to have a solution for Jake Hall, Sarah Cornish and Nate Mandel besides “hope they make mistakes.” Chicken's star handler Josh Kent who engineered their most recent victory (against Pillow Talk) was not present. The captains of Pillow Talk admitted after the game that Chicken & Waffles is like a bunch of pieces that don’t clearly connect, except when Kent is there. So what’s this guy doing missing games? Alex and Katherine have officially made a winning season impossible and there are still nine games left. They don’t have to play The Funeral again, but they do face the Good Guys three more times. This Sunday however, they play a leaderless Quiet. It’s time to turn things around.

This Game of the Week graciously provided by Mateo Mead.

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