SpW3: Quiet vs. Nader's Raiders

Week Three - Tuesday - Riverside

Quiet, coming off a gut-check win over Chicken & Waffles, was trying to rise out of the MUD standings gutter. Nader's Raiders, reeling from a loss to The Funeral, have been holding their own in the middle of the pack. A win for Quiet would show how good of a team they can be. A win would mean their underperformance thus far is about undeveloped chemistry. A win would mean that come finals, Quiet, can make some noise. For Nader’s Raiders a win would show they can hold strong against the lower-tier teams. A win would say to the likes of Pillow Talk and the Good Guys, “We belong here with you, right behind The Funeral.”

Notorious amongst themselves and the rest of the league for their stellar attendance, Nader’s Raiders began their evening with drills led by first-mate Albert Wu. Quiet would show up on time, which, as we all know, is late. With captain Christian and his team enduring several last-minute no shows, Quiet was still lacking enough women to field a full line by game time.

First Half: So Quiet put out a gender ratio of 5-1 to the Raiders’ 5-2. On defense, Quiet was pretty much forced to bring the zone, but it got turnovers. On offense they were forced to throw around a lane poacher, but they succeeded. The ratio imbalance was quickly irrelevant as Quiet ran up a 3-1 lead over the Raiders, who had a tough time getting anything to happen. The cuts, catches and defense just weren't there. Quiet’s other captain Brittany “BKap” Kaplan and Jennifer Norris soon arrived (by some accounts, 30 minutes into the game), and provided energy and skills to supplement Christian “C$” Gaffney’s needle-threading, break-force, IO forehands and to keep Quiet ahead of Nader’s Raiders. The half time score was 8-5 in favor of Quiet, but the game wasn’t as close as it seemed.

Second Half: Frankly, it doesn’t matter who pulled to whom. Quiet’s lead continued to grow after halftime and the specifics are boring. Quiet’s Alex Berzofsky threw a hammer for a score to Evan Shulman. The Raiders’ Winston Suntaree was caught flat-footed waiting for a catch while Shulman swooped in for the D. Then Shulman finally got his comeuppance when Ryan Drost intercepted what should have been Shulman’s catch in the end-zone. So the game went, if you weren’t going to the disc you were being beat to it, but as Cary Hammond likes to say, “position doesn’t matter as long as you have possession.” The game finished with a Rene Shen score, Quiet getting the W, 15 to 7. Raiders’ Erin Mcmurtrey said the game was “frustrating. I was soooooo angry and frustrated.” Albert Wu later claimed, “They mainly won by breaking our mark.”

Here’s what I don’t get: This was supposed to be a coming out party for freshman MUD Captain Andy Eklund, who for his last three MUD seasons played for the Gaffney-Kaplan duo. Despite Andy being in his 6th season and Christian in his 10th, the two had never played each other. Betting lines for the game prophesied a trouncing of Quiet at the hands of Nader’s Raiders, yet Eklund was nowhere to be found. Like the cool guy that just did a bunch of drugs in his basement even though his old friends were begging him to come to prom, Andy missed the party. First-mate Albert Wu was left to lead the Raiders to their glorious defeat.

Apparently Andy was upstate pondering his role in this season. His thoughts: How can I get Martha to show up on time? Am I ready to do this on my own? Was I asked to captain just as a ploy by Mateo to pit one of Gaffney/BKap’s most-trusted lieutenants against them? Can I tell the Drost twins apart? When do we play Quiet next? Wednesday? OK, this won’t happen again.

SpW2: BYOB vs. The Funeral

Week Two - Friday - Riverside

The Funeral remains undefeated. The historical significance of this is unimportant. Bob won the flip, and decided to pull. As noted in the Week-One write up, attendance is key to BYOB’s victories, and all the BYOB stars were there.

First half. Alan Knox gets the delayed sky over Mike Dirda and Dan Gerber. 1-0 Funeral. Dirda gets the one-handed grab over Mateo, but can’t finish. Turnover. Alex Becker gets beat deep. Devin Horne gets an easy catch. 2-0. Bob overthrows Josie Pratt, and Knox gets a no-effort D. Sean Petterson scores on an ill-advised hammer. 3-0. Josie throws an easy, break I-O backhand to Bob. 3-1. Much confusion for BYOB leads to an OB pull. Mateo (from center) rips a forehand to Petterson. Ruben Land makes the open-side cut for the score. 4-1. #J9hammer for the next point. 5-1.

The Funeral calls a timeout. They like what they have and want to keep it going, a ho stack utilizing dishy handler throws and isolation cuts. Mateo is stalling to allow time for Maggie Mead to show up to give Jeannine #J9 Opie and Sandy Schaffa a sub. BYOB considers Zone and clam options to stifle The Funeral’s ho stack/German offense.

Time in. BYOB’s modified defense works, forcing a patient Funeral O to a drop turnover. Quick drop and Funeral regains. Now it’s a turnover party. Knox brings the #J9forehand down through three BYOB defenders for the score. 6-1 Funeral. Sarah Heffernan to Josie for the BYOB score. 6-2. Out comes the BYOB zone, but Dirda gets beat deep. 7-2. Big throw to BYOB’s John Sakon, who has no one to throw to. Time out on stall nine. After a plan, Sakon puts out the backhand bender to Kelsey Brooks for the BYOB score. 7-3. Land gets a HUGE catch over Sakon. Give and go, Land to Felipe Rivera and back. Funeral scores. 8-3. Halftime.

Mark DQ at halftime: “Our strategy is to stop The Funeral from delaying this game. We need to score quickly, and they’re just taking too long at the line.” Bob simply and tiredly wanted to “score more points.” Gabe Finkelstein of The Funeral said “our strategy is a stifling defense.”

Second half. Jonas Cartano gets a catch from Sandy Schaffa for a score. 9-3 Funeral. Jordan Rose-Figura catches a disgusting forehand from Zach Weintraub for a fruitless score. 9-4. Weintraub Ds a hammer by Mateo. Bob drops a hammer. Then The Funeral scores a few more times. In the end the score was 15-4.

Here’s what I don’t get: Early scouting reports indicated Alex Becker and Mike Dirda to be the most sought after baggage duo in the draft. Becker’s big throws dominated Fall 2012 Finals, but in Friday’s match, his throws were errant, directionless. And where was Dirda? Alan Knox says: “Too much Magic the Gathering.”

Is this over-hyped pair at fault for this loss? Maybe. However, The Funeral has 3 big guys: Knox, Horne, and Land, whom they are comfortable matching up against anyone in the league. The rest of the team takes away the inside or under cuts while this trio owns the sky on the deep cuts.

To beat The Funeral takes more than good attendance. You need a plan. For all of you wringing your hats over this undefeated team, consider this advice from my former captain Brittany Kaplan: MUD doesn’t count until the finals.

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