Week One: Season 30 begins

17 September | MUD Headquarters

As we settled into our first-fall huddles, the charm of autumn ultimate tightened our circles. MUD was back. Everyone was together. 77 returning players welcomed 16 rookies and a few veterans we haven’t seen for 6, 7, and in one case, 16 seasons. We spoke our names aloud, bringing life to these new, collective entities we were forming. And we all remembered we’ll have front-row seats to the upcoming deciduous phenomenon.

Readers of this column know well that MUD’s Fall League is a treasure. It’s been said and true at least ten times now. And this season may be the richest yet. The veteran captains certainly observed the wealth of talent we have. One team’s starting line this fall might contain all the best players from a previous season’s entire draft. The teams could feel it as well. “Holy cow! You’re on this team too?” was heard on most sidelines.

The heat was no match for the attending rosters of three of the four teams. And attendance translated to at least one win in week one. Leading the pack was summer’s champ captain Jason Freedman, who has renewed his stewardship with Emily Marren. Their new team, Mud-Life Crisis, opened up the WW Club this season. In the first round, they took advantage of the diminished roster of Young Mature, led by sophomore captain Jarrett Workman and freshman leader Liz Fritz. The score was 13 to 8.

Young Mature were handed a bus ticket to the LL Club when they faced Kat Mitzvah in the second round. That team, led by Josie Pratt and another new captain Dan Mullins, won the game 15 to 9.

Kat Mitzvah almost stole their first game from The Decade, which is led by Mateo Mead—helming his 29th team—and Kylie Sterling—our third rookie leader. Kylie and Mateo’s squad came out blazing, but they left the door open in the second half and the Kat snuck back in for a universe point. For that point, both teams subbed in players only recently arrived from club practice, and it was a different game. The Decade received, threw it away, got it back, and scored.

The Decade lost to Crisis in the second round: 15 to 11. Crisis’s Frazer Goldberg credited it to the fact that “[his] team is stacked.” Wait a minute, Frazer. We all are. Though perhaps not in Week Two. Regionals gonna make a dent!

Fall League and Nothing Else

15 September | MUD Headquarters

While the calendar says we have to wait until the 22nd, we all know that autumn has begun. We still feel the pull of some recent or long gone semester. We feel the trees, ready to burst with fleeting, fiery foliage. We feel ready. To cleat up and battle. To revive our competitive souls. To create and finish this 30th season and 10th year of MUD league, intimate and fierce. To ring in Thanksgiving by giving all we have left in 2017. Here we finish our year of ultimate. Van Cortlandt beckons. We respond.

See you Saturday.

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